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Scam Artists Target Owners of Residential Security Systems: What Can You do About It?

Your home security alarm system is essential for your peace of mind. However, take precautions when it comes to home security scams—they can come in the form of a door-to-door salesmen or of deceiving deals and contracts. Heed our advice when you’re confronted with the possibility of a scam and keep the following tips in mind.

Play it Safe When Meeting with Representatives

When a representative arrives at your door and wants to talk about home security, ask for a business card and have the person wait outside. Check credentials by calling the number on the card and perform some online research before an involved conversation takes place. If you do agree to talk with a representative, have to conversation outside and do not allow them in your home. Home security professionals consider this common practice. You do not want to take any risks with someone who might be planning a home invasion. Be suspicious of anyone who hasn’t made a previous appointment to meet with you, especially if they say they need to inspect or upgrade your residential security systems—even if they claim to be from your company.

If It Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Beware of door-to-door home security alarm system representatives who promise you the moon and the stars. If they are making an offer that seems absolutely phenomenal, don’t jump on the proposition. Ask for a business card and a website. Do thorough research and investigate their claims. Whatever you do, don’t ever sign a contract on the spot. Take time to read all of the fine print and look at every angle.

Be Firm; If You’re Satisfied, Say So

If you’re pleased with your residential security systems provider, tell the competitor. Be absolutely clear about your intentions to stay with your current company. Ask the visiting representative to kindly leave or hang up the phone if you are on the receiving end of a telephone sale. If it is a legitimate company making a fair offer, sales people should still respect your wishes. If you are dealing with someone who simply won’t accept no, is harassing you, and keeps pushing the issue, a red flag should come up. Trust your gut and don’t make any changes if you are uncomfortable with the situation.

Ask For Information and Time to Reflect

Get details about the company and request time to think about the matter. Inform the representative that you will call when you are ready to discuss home security systems of interest. If the representative disobeys your wishes and continues to call you, you can complain about harassment.

Report Suspicious Behavior

If you think you may have been a target of a scam, report it to authorities and your home alarm company. Without a report, it’s hard for enforcement and security companies to do something about the threat.

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