Audio/Video Distribution

So you think you want speakers throughout your home?

Do you want to hit a button to conjure up an instant “party atmosphere” for that big bash?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, or have any one of a thousand other reasons for building an audio system into your home, then you’ve come to the right place. We can design and install anything you can dream up. Anything from a simple single zone on the backyard deck or around the pool to a multi-zone audio system playing a CD for the backyard, the radio for the garage, surround sound for the Home Theater.

Introduction to Audio & Video Distribution

audio-video-SODFirst, let’s define whole-house audio; Whole-house audio is where you have multiple speaker pairs (stereo) in multiple rooms or areas of your home. One or more rooms may have a full surround sound setup. In a surround sound equipped room, although one set of speakers may be shared with the whole-house audio system, they are otherwise separate systems. Each set of speakers is known as an audio zone.

There are two basic ways to set up a whole-house audio system. Single source, and multi-source. With single-source, all zones hear the same thing (although some zones may be “off” or have their volume at different levels). With multi-source, each zone may independently select an audio source. The difference in cost and complexity is significant.

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