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Holiday Safety and Home Security Monitoring

Holiday celebrations may increase the likelihood of fire and security problems for homeowners who aren’t careful with winter activities. Hanging lights, using the fireplace, and putting holiday decorations around the home offer opportunities for mishaps. Keep family and friends safe and secure during the holiday season by using these simple safety tips:

Reduce the Chance of Fire

The United States Fire Administration says that danger of fire due to electrical problems, lighted candles, and Christmas trees increases dramatically during the holiday season. Dry Christmas trees that sit too close to the fireplace can catch fire if not properly monitored. Use simple common sense when decorating. Keep the tree away from the fireplace and place burning holiday candles well away from decorations that may catch fire.

Smoke detectors are an absolute must. Batteries in smoke detectors should be checked a few times a year, and there should be a detector on every floor of the home and in every bedroom. Smoke detectors connected to the home security monitoring system offer an added level of protection for our family. In case of fire, make sure you have a meeting spot outside the home to gather in case evacuation is required.

Perform Seasonal Maintenance

A third of the fires that begin with a Christmas tree stem from electrical problems like faulty strands of lights or an over taxed home electrical system. Older homes may have a delicate electrical system that can’t handle multiple strands of lights hung outside the home.

Always check each strand of lights to make sure that all the bulbs work and that there are no cracks or worn spots in the wires. Never use indoor lights on the exterior of the home and make sure that strands are plugged into ground-fault circuit interrupter(GFCI) outlets, which will cut the power to the lights if a problem occurs. Additionally, consider a professional inspection of the electrical system if the house is over 20 years old.

Beware of Theft or Burglary

UPS, FedEx and USPS employees work overtime during the holidays to deliver Hanukkah and Christmas gifts on time, and thieves know that the holiday season is a perfect time to burglarize family homes. Residential security systems that offer proximity alarms and intruder detection are exceptionally valuable; however, any type of home security monitoring can help reduce the chances of theft. The system doesn’t have to be state-of-the-art to be effective.

Long nights and the lure of holiday gifts are a significant temptation for thieves, and the home security system may be bolstered by using a few simple techniques to make it more difficult for thieves to gain access to the home. Locking the doors is a significant deterrent to would-be thieves. The installation of an extra lock or a deadbolt may discourage more ardent burglars.

The holiday season should be a time when families get together for celebrations and not a time to worry about whether the tree might catch fire or whether the security system will detect unlawful entry. Take extra precautions each holiday season to reduce fire danger, improve security, and increase the safety of the family.

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