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Are DIY Home Security Systems Effective?

As a homeowner, finding ways to save money on the budget is important. However, delving into a do-it-yourself home security systems might not be the best way to save a few dollars. New technology makes security systems less expensive today, and professional equipment ensures the home will be protected in case of an emergency, break-in or disaster.

security alarm monitoring
Upgrading and Maintenance of the System

The newest security toys on the market always seem like they’re going to do the best job of protecting a home and family, but even the shiniest new equipment will dull with age and become ineffective. Worse, some security devices are all show and don’t actually provide the type of protection advertised on the box.

Most basic do-it-yourself kits don’t come with all the helpful bells and whistles of a professionally installed system. Basic store-bought systems that have features like battery backups, redundancies and smoke detectors usually pack a hefty punch to the wallet. The final price of a DIY system might end up being around the same as what a professional company would charge.

Security Monitoring and Homemade Systems

A security system of any type is helpful. Without security monitoring, however, the system won’t alert a homeowner of a problem except under special circumstances. If a homeowner is away often, he might not realize the home has been burglarized until he comes home to find the back door has been busted, and all the electronics have been swiped from the living room.

Security alarm monitoring will notify a homeowner any time there’s a problem in the home and will be able to send word to emergency personnel that a fire has broken out and that help is required at the residence. Without the benefit of monitoring services, a homeowner might not be able to call the police until hours or days after a break-in.

Consulting with a Security Professional

One of the valuable features of talking with a representative from a home security monitoring company is that he will be able to provide tips on where to place certain devices and what items might be needed for a safe environment. Security professionals will recognize “blind” spots in the surveillance system and may be able to recommend other types of devices like glass break sensors and motion sensor lights.

Smart Security Options at Home

In addition to installing a complete home security monitoring system, there are some simple habits a homeowner and his family may adopt to ensure a safer home life. For example, an alarm system is much more effective when the doors and windows are kept locked on a regular basis. Additionally, installing strong locks like deadbolts also improves the effectiveness of the security alarm monitoring system.

Although a do-it-yourself alarm system might offer some protection for the family, these simple security options aren’t the best way to protect the home. The knowledge of a professional and advanced features of a professional system offer the highest level of safety in any home.

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