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Have a Safe Valentine’s Day!

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A romantic candlelit dinner and the roar of a fire often accompany Valentine’s Day, but many focus on making an evening as romantic as possible and forget simple safety needs. Before you invite the significant over for a wonderful evening or surprise your wife with a lovely dinner, however, take a few moments to review these special Valentine’s Day safety tips.

Sizzling Romance

Something as innocent as a backyard heat lamp that keeps the porch warm during an intimate dinner may become a fire hazard if it’s not secured properly. Likewise, those tapered candles that flicker around the room could catch fire when placed too close to flammable items.

In your zeal to create the most romantic atmosphere possible, don’t forget the following fire safety rules:

• Never place candles near flammable sources.

• Make sure the fireplace is clean if you haven’t used it recently.

• Secure all sources of flame or heat, so they won’t tip over.

• Stay in the kitchen while cooking and never leave appliances alone.

Though you’ll likely be distracted by the love of your life, try to remember basic kitchen safety guidelines such as keeping loose clothing and hair away from the burners, and keeping hot grease away from water.

Love = Security

Surprising your loved one with a Valentine’s Day sojourn is a wonderful way to show you care, but if you’re going to be gone for a few days or overnight, make sure your home is protected. Whether you reside in a simple apartment home or live in a magnificent mansion, some type of home security monitoring is advisable.

For example, a small apartment might benefit from alarms that alert you when a door opens where you’ll get a signal sent to your smartphone or the security company will call you. Single-family structures with yards and garages may benefit from CCTV installation that can keep an eye on the exterior of the residence. You don’t want to return from your Valentine’s Day cruise to find that all your electronics have been stolen.


Buying your lover’s chocolates or flowers online is a real timesaver for busy spouses, but before you go searching for gifts on the Internet, make sure your computer is secure with virus protection software. Also, protect your credit card information by purchasing only from reputable websites and sites with an https:// in front of their Web address.   

Millions of people buy gifts online but there are also a lot of ways to get scammed. If something seems strange or off, there’s a good chance that there’s a scam involved. Remember these simple online rules:

• Make sure websites are legitimate

• Update your virus software regularly

• Don’t reveal too much about yourself online

Don’t let security issues prevent a wonderful Valentine’s Day experience. Paying a little attention to safety and security will help ensure this special day is romantic and not catastrophic.

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