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Smart Homes and Security Alarm Monitoring

Each year brings new advances in security alarm monitoring and keeping up with trends, and new features help a homeowner keep the residence as safe as possible from burglars or any type of security threat. Today’s advanced security systems reach far beyond a few alarms installed at the entrances to the home, and there are many ways to configure a security system for a spectacularly safe home.

Homeowners Can “See” the House at Any Time

Wireless Internet has made it easy for a homeowner to consider video surveillance installation with every nook and cranny covered with a video feed. This is possible because cameras are no longer tied to wires and power outlets. The Internet has also granted homeowners additional benefits as the status of all those cameras, and the rest of the security system may be available through a device like a smart phone or tablet computer.

For example, when a homeowner goes to work in the morning, it’s the job of the security system to alert the security company about a potential threat, but now the homeowner can be kept in the loop as well with email updates whenever something potentially suspicious occurs at the house. A spouse arriving home early and disarming the system unexpectedly won’t be cause for concern because checking on the video feed is as easy as loading a video clip on a smartphone.

Interactive Systems with Extra Benefits

The concept of a “smart house” is something that technophiles have talked about for years. Installations of systems that provide convenience, as well as security, have become something available to any homeowner, and not just a feature of homes in Hollywood movies. Security alarm monitoring companies today often provide extra features like the ability to control the air conditioning system remotely as well as the opportunity to turn lights on and off when away from home.

Tips for Installing an Advanced System

Modern security systems do offer some advantages over the way systems were designed in the past, and it’s a good idea to consider the following features for enhanced security alarm monitoring.

1. Consider a cellular-based system: a thief can’t cut a cell phone signal and disarm the system unless he goes to all the surrounding cell phone towers and topples them (which is a rather significant project unlikely to entice any thief). If cell phone service isn’t available in a homeowner’s area, such as in the case of rural homes, a system should still have a backup power system just in case the thieves are able to cut power to the home.

2. Never let the system do all the work: after video surveillance installation is complete, a homeowner can’t assume that the alarm system is going to do all the work. Whether a homeowner has an extensive security system installed, or whether there are just a few surveillance cameras protecting the property, doesn’t matter. Habits that promote security and safety like keeping doors locked at all times remain essential to ensure the best results from the security system.

A study by Temple University suggests that homes without security systems are a much bigger target for burglars. No alarm system can offer 100 percent safety, but the threat of burglary, vandalism, and home invasion is drastically reduced with video surveillance installation.

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