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Upgrades for Your Home

Homeowners considering home upgrades have a wider range of possibilities today than ever before. The future has arrived, and technology has provided home automation features to make any space more fun and comfortable. A home theatre, central vacuum system or other feature may be just the thing for a space in need of transformation.

A feature guaranteed to improve any gathering is the home audio system. When the house is filled with guests, you want the music to be clear in all rooms and perhaps outside. In some rooms, four-speaker surround sound may be best while in others, dual speakers may be adequate. The most basic option is a single source audio system in which all rooms hear the same thing, but some homeowners prefer a multi-source system capable of playing something different in every room.

For sports fans, concert lovers or movie buffs, nothing beats a home theatre system. Instead of the driving and inconvenience of going to a theatre, you can have one at home with picture and sound quality comparable to a commercial system. Once available only to the wealthy, theater systems are now more affordable and make great home upgrades for film lovers.

Other home features can make clean-up easier. Have you ever noticed that when you vacuum the house, a lot of the work is dragging the vacuum from room to room? Despite their claims of improved maneuverability, vacuum cleaners can never beat a central vacuum system. With these, there’s a vacuum connection in every room, and suction for the entire home comes from a central pump. There’s nothing to drag about and no bags to empty.

Something needed in many homes is an intercom system. Having a big home is great until you need to talk to someone in another room, and then you find yourself shouting or banging on floors or ceilings. This is a mere inconvenience at times, but it can be dangerous in emergencies when quick communication over the entire house is needed. The solution is quick and simple, since today’s intercom system uses no wires and is easily installed.

Once, each of these devices would have had a separate remote or a complicated wall panel. Finding the right remote was always a challenge, and many users have scratched their heads over a complex array of buttons. Now, control has gotten much simpler with user-friendly touch screens and smart phone compatibility. Homeowners can do everything remotely, from turning off lights to drawing the blinds. It’s convenient, and it helps reduce energy costs by allowing the user to turn off systems not in use. Everyone has had the experience of leaving home and then worrying that they may have left the stove on. Now they can call it and find out if it’s on, then turn it off if needed.

American Electronics is a locally owned home automation installer with over 30 years’ experience. Give them a click or call and discover what they can do for your space.

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